Meet Carter aka C-Money​​

To live will be an awfully BIG adventure
-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan 

No matter how big or how small a donation is, every single penny counts!  

The mission is simple: To raise awareness and funds for Sanfilippo Syndrome so we can get more research, trials, and treatments up and running and find a Cure for these children!

With your help, we can give not only Carter but so many other children a chance at life!

All donations are TAX-DEDUCTABLE and go to the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation a 501 c3 Non-profit.​
Imagine being told your child has a terminal disease and there is no cure.  That is the reality every Sanfilippo Family faces. 

The doctors best describe it as a child's version of alzheimer’s.

  They let you know you are lucky if your child makes it into their teens.

Until that moment, you never heard of this monstrous disease and yet, it has known you and has been harming your child since before they were even born.  
Everyday a new child and family is diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome.  

Many times Sanfilippo syndrome is misdiagnosed as autism.

We are in a race against time.  With each passing day, our children are a day closer to loosing major skills, and a day closer to their untimely deaths.  

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Have your people stay in touch with my people...and by people I mean my mama! 
Our son Carter {aka C-Money} was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome type A in May 2016.  On top of this diagnosis C-Money also has chronic pancreatitis due to a rare CTRC gene mutation.  

Currently Carter is currently in Kindergarten in the most intense special education classes offered in our district.  On top school and the therapy he receives there, C goes to outside physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and will soon be starting ABA therapy.

To learn more about Carter's story, please visit the About C section here, and follow him on social media.  Also, you can learn more at