1. Farewell 2016
    28 Dec, 2016
    Farewell 2016
    Well it's almost time to say farewell to 2016!  For those of you who didn't know, we decided to take a trip to Florida right before Christmas.  It was 7 days full of fun, laughter and making life long memories with the kids.  The weather was so nice and we're excited to go back.  Pictures are below   This year had a lot of highs and some of our lowest lows.  The year was started out by celebrating 2016 in the hospital.  After a couple of ERCP procedures we were able to pull C's PICC line and
  2. Halloween!
    01 Nov, 2016
    ​So yesterday was Halloween!   I'm not going to lie, I love fall and I adore halloween!  It's not only one of my favorite times of year but everyone in our family enjoys it :)   As soon as I see that fun size bulk candy hit the shelf in Target, I come home set up some spiderwebs and our halloween decorations all while drinking a pumpkin spice latte (yes, I'm that person but can you blame me, California has no real seasons).      Every year we go to Mickey's Halloween party.  It's an event at
  3. Hello!
    27 Oct, 2016
    Hello Everyone! My name is Jen, I am Carter's mom and run all of his social media accounts and website.  I decided to create a blog on his website as a virtual scrapbook.  The goal is to write a new blog weekly but I have to let you know in advance that may not always happen as I am easily distracted by my little ones but I promise to try my best! A few things about us as a family: We are huge disney lovers We are dog lovers {my daughter and my self mainly} we like cats too but my husband if